Alex Weathers, Ph.D.

Test Expert and Academic Consultant


Testimonials from some former clients are listed below:
"I happened to find out about Alex by chance one day while I was surfing the web for help on my GMAT studies. After taking an Olin class that wasn't very helpful, I thought that private instruction was the way to go. My first practice test was at the mid 400s so getting to over 700 seemed like a daunting task to say the least! With Alex's help I am now at the mid 600s and working my way up to my goal range.
The best thing about Alex is that he knows what he is doing. He can customize any lesson to fit you, not for you to fit it. He is almost like the GMAT in that he adapts to your skill level to make sure that your understanding of the material is where it needs to be. He then helps you build your skill set by pushing you to know harder material as time goes on so that you are ready to tackle your test. I can't thank him enough for all that he has done for me and know that my awesome score is due to his help. He is flexible, knowledgeable, affordable, professional and worth every penny - what more could you ask for!
"I was devastated when I scored a 6 on the verbal section of my MCAT and I thought there was nothing I could do to improve myself. I finally had the courage to search online for tutors and luckily found Alex. We worked long distance via the phone as Alex was in Boston, and I was in Orlando, Fl.
Alex had a plan of action for me and in less than a month we worked through verbal passages and formulated a strategy for success. I took my exam with such a high amount of confidence that I could score well, and I did. I turned that 6 into a 10 on the verbal section. Additionally, my physical and biological sections also increased from both 10's, to 11 and 12 respectively due to the efficacy of his approach. I highly recommend Alex as a tutor to anyone wanting to improve their testing skills."
-Paul C.
"If you want to score high on the GMAT, look no further than Alex Weathers. Alex understands what it takes to succeed on the GMAT at every level and can help you reach your score goals. The two most important aspects of the test that Alex understands are: you actually need to learn the concepts being tested, rather than trying to memorize testing patterns; and that in order to perform well on the test, you have to become comfortable with timing. On the first point, Alex is one of those rare individuals with a super-strong background in both Quant and Verbal, who has put together his own practice problems that are better than anything else on the market! I had looked at problems from the usual sources, and no other provider came close to the quantity and reliability of the sample problems that Alex had put together! Even better, if you’ve exhausted Alex’s problems, he can make-up more problems for you until you understand the content! As mentioned, Alex also understands the importance of timing for the GMAT and will teach you how to conquer any problem within two minutes!

Furthermore, Alex is someone who is very accommodating and easy to work with – whether it be a flexible meeting location, or someone who understands your frustration with a particular problem type, Alex will work with you.

Alex also offers the best deal in terms of the rates that he charges for tutoring – he understands the struggles that students face when preparing for tests, and thus wants to make his rates affordable for all.

Without Alex’s help, I know I would not have reached my dream GMAT score – and make no joke about it, firsthand, I can say that your GMAT score is a major piece of the business school admissions process. With the help of Alex, I was able to achieve my dream score, and gained acceptance at Columbia Business School!"
-Michael D.
"Alex is a fantastic LSAT tutor because he takes time to customize his methods based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. He cares deeply about his students' success and goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing analysis of practice tests outside of paid sessions. Alex's hourly rates are very affordable, especially compared with the big test prep centers, and he is flexible regarding meeting times and places. My LSAT score rose by 13 points under Alex's tutelage. Working with Alex was money and time well spent."
-Andrew C.
Alex was instrumental in my MBA admissions success with the NYU Stern and Columbia Business School Executive MBA programs. Alex initially helped me to improve my GMAT score, specifically the verbal section, and was extremely helpful on the sentence correction portion. He also provided great insights into the math section, which helped my preparation. In addition, he was very helpful with grammatically editing my essays and provided some useful feedback. All in all, it was a valuable experience with a very capable and talented individual.
-Navneet K.
"I would like to take this opportunity to give Alex Weather’s tutoring service my enthusiastic endorsement. If you listen to his advice and put in the work, you will see the results. He has extensive experience in test preparation and his methods are proven. In addition to being a talented teacher, Alex’s high level of patience fosters an open and relaxed learning environment. This method of instruction will give you the confidence to be become an aggressive and composed test taker. What distinguishes Alex from other services is his ability to isolate your specific areas that need the most improvement. Once recognized, he will target improvement in those areas with precision. To be blunt, you will not receive the personalized instruction that Alex can offer by taking classes through Princeton Review or Kaplan without paying a small fortune. This is an investment in your future at a great price, and you will see the returns."
-Mark C.
"Alex gave me the confidence to do well and helped me improve my LSAT score by 13 points! He is very detail oriented and showed me different techniques for each section, depending on my comfort level. He is very patient and will tailor the session to the client's needs. He is a great tutor."
-Taylor P.
"I found Alex's tutoring for the quantitative portion of the GMAT, to be very helpful. The GMAT is conquerable if you master a particular strategy, which is exactly what Alex helped me to do. After only 5 meetings with him, my GMAT score improved dramatically. If you want to do well on the GMAT, this is the man to call."
-Sam A.
"Although it's embarrassing to admit, when I took my first practice GRE test, I only got about 7 questions right. I knew then that I needed 1 on 1 help! Thank goodness a friend recommended Alex. He worked with me patiently as I tried to grasp the math concepts I had long forgotten. He provided me with extra sets of practice problems that he developed and came up with test taking strategies that were specific to the way I learn. I had always been strong on the verbal section, but when I finally took the GRE I actually did better on the math section! I owe this all to the confidence Alex was able to instill in me as a test taker, and the professionalism with which he approached each and every session."
-Laura B.
"I was impressed with Alex's professionalism. His experience in teaching and knowledge of what the test will cover, combined with his down to earth and personable style helped me dramatically improve my performance on quantitative questions. Our sessions gave me complete confidence to take the GMAT."
-Brett P.
"I was impressed with Alex's dedication to helping me improve my GMAT score. Alex's flexible schedule and level of patience could not be matched by other GMAT tutoring companies. Alex also possesses a mastery of all topics related to the exam and through his tutoring service I was able to improve my initial score by over 100 points."
-Eric L.
"When I met Alex I was preparing to take the Treasury Enforcement Agent exam for the United States Secret Service for a second time. I had just missed the cut on the first test by 4 points and knew it was because of a poor math performance. My goal was to get a grasp on the word problem based math, as well as get a better understanding of how to attack a test like the TEA. I met with Alex twice a week for 6 weeks and can honestly say I went into my second test 100% more confident than the first time. I ended up scoring 20 points higher than my first try and passed the test with ease. I can attribute all 20 of those points to my tutoring time with Alex and the methods he used to make me understand the key elements involved in passing the TEA."
-R. Murphy
"In a mere five sessions with Alex, I was able to raise my score 30 points. Alex helped my pinpoint weaknesses without sacrificing my strong areas. I would wholeheartedly recommend him without reservations."
"Alex was the very best tutor imaginable! His GRE approach is outstanding and his tutoring is a MUST for anyone who wants to rock the entrance exams to get into the country's best programs. I highly recommend Alex Weathers for GRE tutoring."
-Rob, Harvard University Student
"Alex's tutoring was crucial in helping me to significantly improve my score on the quantitative portion of the GMAT. He is clear, patient, and good-humored, and his practice problems are hugely helpful. Ultimately, my improved score helped me get accepted at a top-tier business school."
-Alex L.
"Alex’s methods were helpful, targeted and extremely cost effective. I felt fully prepared for the GMAT as a result of Alex’s tips and tailored proprietary materials. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their performance on standardized exams."
-Dave T.
"When I came across Alex's posting I had been conditionally accepted to my top choice for business schools and given only six weeks to raise the quantitative score on my GMAT. As soon as I spoke to Alex on the phone, I knew that he would be the right person to help me. The study materials he created were tailored to guide me through every necessary concept, and the one-on-one sessions always answered all of my questions. I would have never received the same type of personalized attention at one of the larger test prep centers. With his help, I was able to learn the necessary information and build the confidence to dramatically increase my quantitative score and gain official admittance into my school of choice."
-Amber R.
"I met with Alex twice to increase my scores on the GRE. His tutoring methods as well as the test prep questions he assigned were incredibly useful. Not only did I increase my score, I was able to do so easily, and without spending weeks going to an expensive, boring class."
-Hannah D.
"For me, the GMAT courses offered by Olin were not helpful. I spent a lot of money to take this course only to learn a little about the GMAT. Working with Alex not only helped me raise my score but it also taught me the material that I did not remember from high school (12 years ago). Also, if I was having trouble learning a subject Alex created a worksheet that started with easy problems that gradually increased in difficulty. This really helped me to learn the material and then we worked on applying it to the GMAT. I am profoundly grateful for this and could not have done as well on the GMAT without Alex’s help."
-Ryan J.
"Alex is a bright, experienced and detail oriented tutor. He is very competent at what he does, i.e. he can isolate one's strengths and weaknesses. He is good at helping students work/improve the material they find most difficult. Also he is punctual, and time efficient- which makes the touring/meeting process very convenient. I would certainly recommend him to anybody who wishes to improve their scores."
-Anna, LSAT Client
"Working with Alex allowed me to add almost 200 points to my GMAT score from my initial practice test! I had generally forgotten a lot of the math after being out of school for ten years (so embarrassing!) and Alex worked with me, going over problems I had gotten wrong, giving me practices problems and showing me test strategies that were invaluable. Alex also showed me how to answer the essay questions most effectively and pointed out strategies for reading comprehension and logic questions- there was no way I was going to be fooled by that test! I wholeheartedly refer anyone who's studying for the GMAT, DAT, MCAT, and SAT to work with Alex, it really makes a difference!"
-Meredith O.
"Alex's tutoring sessions helped me improve my LSAT score by 6 points. I highly recommend his service to anyone looking to improve their performance, especially in tackling the logic games."
-Former LSAT Client
"Alex's effective tutoring method and comprehensive study package allowed me to score much higher than I had anticipated. Not only did Alex help me get up to speed on all the fundamentals but he also guided me through the process by setting up a study schedule with measurable goals. Alex made me feel confident throughout the process and inspired me to do me best. His assistance is directly responsible for pushing my initial practice GMAT score of 590 to a 720 on test day. I can now apply to my dream schools with more confidence."
-Jason G.
"Among the many attributes that Alex’s tutoring offers to its clients, honesty and integrity seem to me to head the list. It is clear that Alex offers his clients a vast and deep knowledge base and an ease of instruction that will certainly aid any person preparing for the LSAT. What sets Alex apart from the others is an honest and fair approach. I believed what Alex had to offer in his feedback and came to appreciate his opinions. The experience I had prepared me for the LSAT in ways that I did not anticipate. I made significant gains especially in the games section."
-James G.
"Alex provided the precise mode of preparation that I was looking for. I felt that each tutoring session was immensely helpful. I was able to guide the direction of each session and Alex helped me to improve on my weakest area, Logical Reasoning. His explanations were clear and effective."
-Ellen A., LSAT Client
"Alex's hands-on, practical approach to attacking the test material and his patient teaching manner helped to secure my success on the GMAT. After working with Alex for just a couple of months on the quantitative section, my score improved by 25 percentile points."
-Melissa, MBA candidate
"I found the individually tailored approach to be most helpful. Alex didn't just try to teach me one strategy-- we tried several strategies for several test situations ( i.e 1 passage left with 5 minutes-- 2 passages left with 5 minutes) and that really helped. The notes from the sessions were helpful. I also really appreciated Alex’s efforts to help find materials for me to study with. The tutoring helped me build confidence in my ability and helped prepare me for different test situations."
-Karen B., MCAT Verbal Client
"Alex is a true professional. He understood weaknesses in my skill set and identified areas that would improve my test taking abilities. By creating handouts and problem sets that were tailored specifically for me, I was able to address the areas that needed most work. Alex dealt with my full-time work schedule and was always willing to meet at unusual times and gave me the most flexibility to improve my score. I quickly gained more confidence and felt much better prepared on test day. Alex’s experience as a master trainer is an asset to anyone aspiring for high test scores."
-Scott, GMAT Client
"If you're serious about a doing your best on the GMAT, you might want to learn directly from someone who has already mastered the test. By choosing Alex as your tutor, you get to see how someone who has achieved a top GMAT score approaches each question. His quant service is particularly helpful for those looking to boost their quant scores."
"I completed an entire LSAT preparation course and was still unhappy with my performance. I realized that while I had more than enough materials to use, I needed one on one attention that I couldn't get in a classroom. I wish I saved all that money on a course and went straight to Alex. He is an excellent tutor- very attentive and knowledgeable and understands not only his students but the tests themselves. I highly recommend his services to anyone thinking about a tutor."
"I wholeheartedly recommend Alex Weathers as a tutor, because he not only has the experience (as a test taker and tutor) and skill to achieve on standardized tests, he also has the patience and insight to impart his skills in an effective and flexible manner! He made full use of each of our sessions, and spent time focusing on the types of problems that I had particular difficulty with. My math scores dramatically improved, and (even though I did not ask for help with them), Alex also gave me materials to work on my verbal and writing sections- which also went up. I highly recommend Alex Weathers' service, because he is an excellent teacher, and true professional."
-Joanna J., GRE Client