Alex Weathers, Ph.D.

Test Expert and Academic Consultant

Academic Tutoring

In addition to tutoring for standardized tests, I also provide assistance on a number of academic subjects. I have worked with clients at all levels ranging from middle school to graduate degree programs. Some examples of typical coaching endeavors are:
  • -Assisting with essay writing and editing for English courses
  • -Teaching concepts in chemistry/physics/mathematics at the high school and college level
  • -Tutoring finance and accounting for college students and business school candidates
  • -Tutoring statistics and probability for graduate-level courses in engineering or public health


If you are interested in obtaining help with your coursework, feel free to contact me to see whether I can assist you with the subject matter (generally, I can help with most math-, science- or writing-related topics). Please note that this service is intended to improve your understanding of the course material, but we will abide by the rules of the class regarding collaboration on assignments (i.e., you still have to do your homework).