Alex Weathers, Ph.D.

Test Expert and Academic Consultant

Admissions Guidance

Maximizing your chances of admission requires effective strategy in all phases of the process. Having worked with many clients through the admissions process, I have experience with assembling strong application packages. My work with clients usually falls in one of two areas: essay editing and general strategy.


Essay Editing

Convincing personal statements evolve through multiple phases. First, I work with clients to establish positioning- how they should present themselves in their statement. The essay will then develop over a series of drafts, followed by paring down to word limits and final grammar checks. The most important part of the process is that the client's voice is maintained through the editing process- admissions officers are not impressed with "cookie cutter" personal statements that look like the work of someone besides the applicant (this is especially true for undergraduate admissions).



Good decision-making and advance planning can greatly enhance your odds of getting admitted. I work with clients to make sure they consider all their options for improving their application. Some common aspects of strategy that applicants need to consider are:
  • -Choosing recommenders that will highlight supplementary aspects of your personality and abilities not evident in your personal statement.
  • -Deciding whether to use optional essays to explain negative aspects of your application (low GPA, test scores, etc.)
  • -Understanding school policies on deadlines (for example, many business schools now allow you to self-report your GMAT score)
  • -Trends in admissions requirements (for example, the movement towards greater acceptance of the GRE in MBA programs)