Alex Weathers, Ph.D.

Test Expert and Academic Consultant

Premier Test Prep and Academic Consulting

Effective, Personalized Instruction

Alex Weathers, Ph.D., is a professionally trained instructor providing expert test preparation. He has over a decade of experience in tutoring and teaching a variety of subjects. He has helped students at all levels, from high-scoring clients looking to get an extra edge to clients looking for help with fundamentals.
Alex works with clients to establish study plans, create checkpoints to track progress, and personalize instructional methods. He has significant experience working with special cases, ranging from clients who have been out of school for significant periods to clients with learning disabilities.









Unique Test-Taking Expertise

Alex has mastered the required content and strategy for all the major standardized tests. His scores include:
  •   GMAT: 800
  •   SAT: 800M, 800V
  •   MCAT: 15VR, 14PS, 12BS
  • LSAT: 180
  • GRE: 170Q, 170V
  • DAT: 30QR, 30RC, 24TS, 23 PAT




Instructional Philosophy

Alex's philosophy of teaching is to provide balanced instruction that equips each client with the skills needed to achieve his or her goal. Rather than employ “gimmicky” approaches that look good on paper but fail on test day, Alex emphasizes fundamental knowledge and advanced topic-specific strategies. His primary teaching skill is his ability to make difficult material accessible to clients at all ability levels. While many tutors and instructors struggle to convey material clearly, in your sessions the content will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner, in as much detail and with as much patience as needed. Repetition and deep understanding are emphasized: it is better to know 10 topics in depth than 20 topics at only a superficial level.